@WORLD Browser is a CD-ROM-based web browser that was bundled with Pippin @WORLD consoles sold in the United States.[1]


On September 9, 1996, Bandai Digital Entertainment announced that it had licensed Spyglass's Mosaic technology as the basis of the @WORLD Browser to be included with @WORLD consoles. It included QuickTime and Shockwave support, and could be upgraded by shipping a new "Cyber/CD" to customers.[2][3] On September 23, Bandai announced that the browser would ship with SurfWatch ProServer, which added parental controls over unwanted content. A 28.8 kbps Motorola modem was also included with the browser and console.[4]

Printer drivers were included for Apple StyleWriter 1500 and 2500 printers.


With the discontinuation of the Pippin platform,[5] Bandai migrated SurfWatch into Surf Monkey,[6] based on Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0, as their web portal of choice for young users.[7]



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