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Anime Designer: Dragon Ball Z (アニメデザイナー ドラゴンボールZ) is a CD-ROM-based art editor for the Pippin Atmark console which includes a digital library of characters from the Dragon Ball Z anime series.[1]



Anime Designer Dragon Ball Z (Pippin)

Demonstration of the Japanese Pippin version.

Anime Designer: Dragon Ball Z is based on Flying Colors, an educational digital paint tool developed by Edward de Jong at Magic Mouse, with artist Mark Ferrari.[2] It used color cycling animation within a 256-color palette to create the illusion of motion.[3]

The tool bar features standard image manipulation functions, including rotation and color adjustment. The disc includes a library of over 1000 images, mostly from Dragon Ball Z along with some from its sequel, Dragon Ball GT. Locations, such as Kame House, Kami's Lookout, King Kai's planet, the Sacred World of the Kais, and the World Martial Arts Tournament, can be composed with character images to assemble customized scenes.[4]

Printing from the Pippin is supported through a limited number of Apple StyleWriter printers.[5] However, at least a 2MB memory upgrade is required to access this feature.[6]


Anime Designer: Dragon Ball Z was released in Japan on July 18, 1996 by Bandai Digital Entertainment for Pippin, Macintosh and Windows. The jewelcase of the Pippin version was labeled as also being compatible with Mac. An English version was not released separately due to licensing issues,[1][7][8] but the Pippin version will properly display English text if launched on an English version of classic Mac OS.[9]

Magic Mouse also developed similar titles, such as Action Designer: Ultraman Tiga for Pippin and Macintosh, and Tamagotchi Sketch for Windows and Macintosh.[2]



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