Pippin P-ADB adapter dongles

AppleJack (P-ADB) and ADB adapter dongles.

The AppleJack (P-ADB) connector is a ruggedized version of the Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) port used on Pippin consoles.[1] Adapter dongles could be used to connect ADB devices designed for Macintosh with Pippin systems, and vice versa.[2]


Pippin P-ADB AppleJack pinouts

Diagram of P-ADB, a superset of the Apple Desktop Bus.

The P-ADB connector contains 10 contacts within a grounded shield; four of the contacts pass through signals from the pre-existing ADB specification. However, there are 6 additional "reserved" contacts, though they are not known to have been put into use before the Pippin platform was cancelled.[3]


AppleJack Controllers were produced in wired and infrared (IR) wireless versions;[4] the latter was released on November 22, 1996.[5] Rare ADB versions of the wired controllers were produced for Macintosh computers.[6] Controller input is supported by the InputSprocket component of Apple's Game Sprockets API or an earlier AppleJack input device driver.[7][8][9]

  • Atmark Controller for Macintosh, Product ID: PA-82004.
  • Atmark Wireless Controller Set, Product ID: PA-82014.



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