Clone Ranger: Stolen DNA (クローン・レンジャー 盗まれたDNA) is CD-ROM-based sci-fi adventure game that had been announced for the Pippin Atmark console.[1]


The player assumes the role of a secret agent in a dystopian future where a "virus bomb" has deprived all human bodies of organic matter, except for the brain. A chip containing a program to rebuild human bodies has been stolen by terrorists. The player must recover the chip, navigating 300 QuickTime VR nodes and solving mysteries which lead to 6 different endings.[2]

Release statusEdit

Clone Ranger was originally released in Japan in January 1996, and licensed the rights for release in North America in December 1996.[3] The Pippin version had been announced by Bandai for June 1996,[1][4] but was not released.[5]


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