Curio City (キュリオ シティ) is a quarterly series of virtual mall and entertainment CD-ROMs issued by Mitsui & Co. to promote its Curio City shopping services.[1]

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Curio City was first released in October 1995 in Japan as an A4-size periodical. Each included a hybrid CD-ROM authored with Macromedia Director by Peace on Demand (ピース・オン・デマンド) and JTplanning for Windows and Macintosh.[1][2]

A Pippin version of the CD-ROM had been announced by Bandai for Summer 1996, but does not appear to have been released.[3][4]


In March 2000, Curio City's online shopping store was spun off by Mitsui. The website was acquired by Yahoo! in April 2005. It was eventually closed and absorbed into Yahoo! Shopping on September 30, 2005.[5]



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