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Dazzeloids (ダズロイド) is a CD-ROM-based edutainment title created by Rodney Alan Greenblat for the Pippin Atmark console.[1] It was awarded "The Best CD-ROM for Children" at COMDEX 1995.[2]



Dazzeloids (Pippin Atmark)

Playback demonstration.

After a musical introduction, the main menu of the Dazzeloids game offers three story options: A Child is Bored, Banker, Spare That Petshop!, and Dazzeloid Dreams. There are also options at the bottom for How Does It Work?, which provides a tutorial of the game, and Meet the Dazzeloids, which provides background information about the characters.[3]


The game was originally released by Voyager Company in 1994 as Dazzeloids: CD-ROM Superheroes on a Binge Against Boredom "Voyager CityROM", a hybrid disc for Windows 3.1 and Macintosh. The application was authored with Macromedia Director v4.[4][3] The Pippin version was released in Japan on June 7, 1996.[5]

Greenblat went on to achieve wider recognition for his next project, PaRappa the Rapper for Playstation consoles, in which he began a longtime collaboration with producer Masaya Matsuura, the designer of Tunin'Glue, another Pippin title.[6][7]




  • Rodney A. Greenblat — animation, graphics, lingo programming, project management, design, music composition and sequencing, vocals, sound effects, sound editing, storyboards, 3D rendering, models, and animation
  • Jenny Horn — animation, graphics, design, project management, quality control
  • Trish Booten — animation, graphics, design
  • Jim Kendall — studio management, secretarial, assistant


  • Jane Wheeler — kindhearted taskmaster
  • Reid Sherline — copy editing
  • Todd Fahrner — testing and documentation
  • Colin Holgate — technical advice
  • Troy Jones — technical advice
  • Conor O'Nolan of PixelMagic — Windows conversion

Special thanks[]

  • David Weisman — provided Moog synthesizer
  • Stanton Greenblat — provided Gibson Les Paul guitar
  • Todd Miller — great prices and support on computer equipment
  • John Carlin — legal advice
  • Joe — bridge computer rentals

Moral support and inspiration[]

  • Deena Lebow
  • Kimberly Greenblat
  • Cleo Greenblat
  • Arleigh Greenblat



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