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Dinosaur Museum (アグネスチャンのこども恐竜館) is a CD-ROM-based edutainment title for the Pippin Atmark console,[1] presented by pop singer and academic celebrity Agnes Chan.[2] The full Japanese title translates to Agnes Chan's Childrens Dinosaur Museum.


Dinosaur Museum was authored with Macromedia Director by Apollon Create (アポロンクリエイト),[3] using content licensed from Koala Books (コアラブックス).[2]

Release status[]

Early screenshot from Pippin Title CD-ROM Catalog.

The title was announced in Bandai's Pippin Title CD-ROM Catalog for April 1996,[1] and was released in limited numbers in Japan by Bandai Music Entertainment as a hybrid disc for Macintosh and Pippin.[4][5]

A Windows version was released in Japan in October 1997 by Kalifa (カリファ).[6][7]




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