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EGWORD Pure (イージーワード ピュア) is a CD-ROM-based word processing application for the Pippin Atmark console. It is a simplified version of Ergo Soft's EGWORD application for Macintosh.[1]


EGWORD Pure was released in Japan for Macintosh and Pippin on June 7, 1996 by Ergo Soft and Bandai Digital Entertainment, respectively.[1]

A full version of EGWORD 6.1 was included with the Pioneer MPC-LX200 series, which was released in Japan on July 1, 1996. Pioneer, like Bandai, was among the few Japanese companies that obtained a license from Apple Computer to build Macintosh-compatible systems.[2]


Internet Kit version 2.0 used the EGBRIDGE component from EGWORD for Japanese input support on Pippin consoles instead of Apple's own Kotoeri software, which is normally included with KanjiTalk.[3]

Ergo Soft discontinued its products on January 28, 2008 and withdrew from the software publishing business in January 2009.[4]


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