PAMac Tamagotchi CD-ROM floppy

A floppy disk included with the Pippin/Macintosh version of Tamagotchi CD-ROM.

Floppy disks are a removable storage medium in which data is recorded onto a flexible magnetic surface.

Pippin floppy disksEdit

Pippin floppy dock

A Pippin floppy dock.

The default media for the Pippin platform are CD-ROMs, but the consoles can be expanded with a Pippin expansion dock to read and write saved game files to floppy disks. Pippin floppies are formatted in HFS, the file system used by Macintosh computers at the time.[1]

The floppy drive can be emulated through a floppy extension daughtercard to a FloppyEmu unit, which allows the use of Secure Digital (SD) cards. The SD card can be formatted to exceed the size of the original floppy disk medium, up to 2GB (the maximum size supported by HFS).[2][3]


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