PAMac Tamagotchi CD-ROM floppy

A floppy disk included with the Pippin/Macintosh version of Tamagotchi CD-ROM.

Floppy disks are a removable storage medium in which data is recorded onto a flexible magnetic surface.

Pippin floppy disksEdit

Pippin floppy dock

Pippin Atmark Floppy Unit

The default media for the Pippin platform are CD-ROMs, but the consoles can be expanded with a Pippin expansion dock to read and write saved game files to floppy disks. Pippin floppies are formatted in HFS, the file system used by Macintosh computers at the time.[1] To directly access files on a floppy disk, a software shell such as PEASE or Macintosh on Pippin can be used.[2]

Macintosh on Pippin accessing FloppyEmu

An emulated floppy drive can be accessed with Macintosh on Pippin.

The floppy drive can be emulated through a floppy extension daughtercard to a FloppyEmu unit, which allows the use of a Secure Digital (SD) card to store multiple 400K, 800K, and 1.4MB disk images.[2][3] This can be a viable storage alternative for early Pippin Atmarks with revision 1.0 "KINKA" ROMs as they do not support external SCSI drives without a 1.2 ROM upgrade.[4][5][6]


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