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Groupe Arborescence, also known as The Arborescence Group, is a French company that had collaborated with Katz Media to market a Pippin-compatible console in Canada.[1]


During Marché international des Inforoutes et du Multimédia in May 1997, Arborescence announced a partnership to develop and market the Arborescence Network Centric computer for the Canadian market, based on Katz Media's KMP 2000.[2]

Groupe Arborescence logo

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Arborescence also announced what would have been the first "combo" Pippin expansion dock, with a floppy drive and ethernet (or modem) through the PCI bus. Primetech Electronics prototyped the Pippin Expansion Unit for the Katz Media Player 2000 as part of the "Arborescence/Katz Media Pippin package", which would have been targeted towards Canadian consumers who did not have internet access.[1] However, it was not publicly released.[3]


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