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Gundam 0079: The War for Earth is a CD-ROM-based action game that had been announced for Pippin Atmark and @WORLD consoles.[1][2]


Developed by Presto Studios, the game allows the player to take control of a Gundam mobile suit from the Japanese anime series.[1]

Release status[]

Promotional image of Gundam 0079 for Pippin @WORLD.

Bandai released the Power Macintosh and Windows 95 versions in Japan in December 1996,[1][3][4] the PlayStation version in Japan on May 2, 1997,[5] and the hybrid Windows/Mac version in the United States in September 1997.[6]

The Pippin port had been promoted on Bandai's Japanese and American websites,[1][2] as well as in the packaging of the releases of other @WORLD titles.[7] However, it is unclear whether it had ever been released.[8]



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