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Pippin - Technology by Apple Computer, part 1

Mark Wu of Apple Computer mentions how a hybrid disc can support both Pippin and desktop computers.

A hybrid disc contains content that can be used on multiple devices or operating systems. Discs that support Macintosh and Windows are commonly seen by consumers.

Hybrid Pippin discs[]

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Because Pippin is based on the Macintosh operating system, a CD-ROM can be prepared so that an application would launch on both a Pippin console and a Macintosh computer.[1] Japanese Pippin titles with such cross-platform support are indicated with a sticker above the obi strip on jewelcases, or with a label on the upper-left corner of boxes. Less common are Pippin titles that also support Windows as well as Macintosh from the same disc — Action Designer: Ultraman Tiga is one such example.



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