Introducing "Forester" CD-ROM (「フォレスター」の紹介CD-ROMを) is a presentation demo CD-ROM produced for the Pippin Atmark by Subaru to promote their new (at the time) Forester sport utility vehicle. Similar discs were also produced to promote Subaru's Impreza and Legacy automobiles.[1][2]


Subaru, then a subsidiary of Fuji Heavy Industries (富士重工), made demo CD-ROMs about their automobiles to play in Pippin-based kiosks at their showrooms.[2] In June 1996, Bandai Digital Entertainment delivered Pippin Atmark consoles to 545 Subaru sales offices for this purpose.[3] The discs were also made available to Pippin console owners upon request, as announced in the April 1997 issue of Pippin Atmark Channel Press. These could also be launched on Macintosh computers.[1]



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