Jungle Park (ジャングルパーク) is a CD-ROM-based game for the Pippin Atmark console.[1]


Inspired by an amusement park bearing the same name, Jungle Park incorporates elements of a role-playing game with a picture gallery and animation.[2]


A hybrid version of Jungle Park was released in Japan for Pippin Atmark and Macintosh in June 1996 by Bandai Digital Entertainment.[2] A separate hybrid version for Macintosh and Windows 3.1 was released in Japan by Digitalogue and Synergy Works (シナジーワークス).[3][4] It was selected among the 1996 Best 10 List in the "Entertainment" category by the CD-ROM Critic Writer's Association in Japan.[5]

A Saturn version was released by BMG on January 15, 1998 and a PlayStation version was released on February 26,1998 by Emotion.[6][7]



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