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Le Livre de Lulu: Un Conte Interactif de Romain Victor-Pujebet is a children's book presented on a CD-ROM for the Pippin Atmark console.[1] The French title translates to "The Book of Lulu: An Interactive Story by Romain Victor-Pujebet". The Japanese title and tagline 「ルル日本語版 未来の記憶に会う。」 translate to "Lulu Japanese version: Meet the memories of the future."


Writer/director Romain Victor-Pujebet had originally prototyped Lulu with HyperCard to create a "strong demo" to pitch to publishers.[2]


Let's Play Apple Pippin Le Livre de LuLu

Demonstration (with French commentary).

Le Livre de Lulu was then authored with Macromedia Director by Dada Média in Paris, France. Full motion video sequences were produced at CUMAV Studio in Castres.[3] About a hundred 3D-animated sequences were produced by Marc Peyrucq and rendered on a Macintosh with StrataVision 3D. Completed graphics were transmitted to Paris by modem.[4]


Le Livre de Lulu was first published in France by Flammarion for Mac OS and Windows 3.1 on November 17, 1995.[5][6] It was eventually translated into 33 languages and distributed in 23 countries.[4]

The Japanese versions were adapted by Ariadne and released in Japan by Organa for Pippin, PlayStation and Saturn consoles in November 1996. Only the Pippin version retained the full French title while the other versions were shortened to Lulu (ルル): Un Conte Interactif de Romain Victor-Pujebet.[1][7][8] A hybrid Japanese version for Macintosh and Windows was released on August 3, 1998.[9]

The German version was released as Das Buch von LuLu:(sic) Ein interaktives Märchen nicht nur für Kinder for Macintosh and Windows by Ravensburger Buchverlag in May 1996. The full German title translates to "The Book of Lulu: An interactive fairytale not only for children".[10][11] The British English version was released as Lulu's Enchanted Book by Wayland Multimedia on May 30, 1996.[12] A Pippin port for the European market had been announced by Katz Media in September 1996,[13] but was never released.[14]

The American English version was released as The Book of Lulu for Macintosh and Windows by Harbor Electronic Publishing in December 2001.[15] A DVD-ROM edition was released on January 30, 2002 by Slingshot Entertainment with support for 8 different languages: Chinese, Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Norwegian.[16][17]

The developers began work on a sister project titled The Snow Queen (スノークィーン), which was released in December 1996 for Macintosh and Windows, but it is unknown whether a Pippin version was ever released.[18][19]


Le Livre de Lulu was selected among the 1996 Best 10 List in the "HyperBook" category by the CD-ROM Critic Writer's Association in Japan.[20] It was one of five finalists for Digital Contents of the Year and given an Award of Excellence by the Association of Media in Digital.[21]



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