Pippin @WORLD console playing unauthenticated Mac games (Wolfenstein 3D, etc

Pippin @WORLD console playing unauthenticated Mac games (Wolfenstein 3D, etc.)

(with developer dongle)

Many Macintosh titles are compatible with Pippin consoles, which run a modified version of Mac OS.[1] Pippin authentication was initially a barrier to running third party games not distributed by Bandai.[2] A shell such as PEASE or Macintosh on Pippin could be used to launch unauthenticated applications from another drive.[3][4] Developer consoles and dongles do not check for authentication, but are rare.[5][6] With the discovery of Apple's private key,[7] a boot disc called Pippin Kickstart was devised to allow unauthenticated discs to be launched.[8]

However, not all Macintosh games will run as-is on a Pippin console, and some are known to cause it to crash.[9]

Confirmed compatible titlesEdit

Compatible Mac title Binary Release Date RAM requirements Notes
Doom 68K/PPC 1995 8 MB   Low frame rate.[3]
The Journeyman Project Turbo! 68K 1994 8 MB   [8]
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis 68K 1992 2 MB   [10]
Prince of Persia 68K 1992 4 MB free   Will not launch in 16-bit color mode.[3][10]
Spectre Supreme 68K 1993 1800 KB free   AppleTalk networking supported.[11]
Star Wars 68K 1989 384 KB free   [10]
Wolfenstein 3D 68K/PPC 1994 2200 KB free   [10]

Incompatible titlesEdit

Incompatible Mac title Binary Release Date RAM requirements Notes
ShadowWraith 68K/PPC 1995 4950 KB free   Crashes upon start of first level.[9]

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