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Pippin Title CD-ROM Catalog, bundled with Atmark consoles.

Pippin titles released for the Pippin Atmark in Japan and for the Pippin @WORLD in the United States are generally compatible with one another, differing primarily in language support. Though many of the following CD-ROMs were promoted by Bandai,[1][2][3] not all of them may have actually been released in their respective markets (noted with * asterisks).[4][5]


Action Designer: Ultraman Tiga is one of the few hybrid Pippin titles to also support Macintosh and Windows.

All authenticated software titles that were released in Japan feature the square Pippin platform logo. Some were published on hybrid discs with support for other platforms that were identified on the box cover and/or a sticker on the jewelcase. Japanese character support was provided through KanjiTalk.[1]

A 6-pack of CD-ROMs bundled with the Pippin Atmark console.

Titles bundled with Pippin Atmark consoles in Japan were assigned a Bandai product ID that began with "BDB-", followed by a 3-digit number. Titles published directly by Bandai or Bandai Digital Entertainment were assigned an ID that began with "BDE-", followed by a 5-digit number. This number corresponded with the five latter digits from the product's UPC bar code, not including the final check digit. Titles from other publishers that were authorized or distributed by Bandai were usually assigned an ID that began with "BDS-", followed by a 5-digit number. A few exceptions to this numbering system included specialty titles such as PEASE. Some titles that were re-released in different packaging were assigned a new ID number.[6]

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Pippin Atmark Title Product ID Release Date MSRP
@Card SD Gundam Gaiden BDE-10034 1997 JP¥ 6,800
1995.1.17: The Great Hanshin Earthquake BDS-20005 1996 JP¥ 3,800
Action Designer: Ultraman Tiga BDE-70018 1997 JP¥ 5,800
ad.hoc Medical Practice Quick Training Course 1998
AI Shogi BDS-20032 1996 JP¥ 5,800
Anime Designer: Dragon Ball Z BDE-10019/70019 1996 JP¥ 5,800
Anpanman no AIUEO-N! BDE-10015/70015 1996 JP¥ 5,800
Anpanman to Asobou! 1 BDE-10009/70009 1996 JP¥ 5,800
Anpanman to Asobou! 2 BDE-70016 1997 JP¥ 5,800
Atmark Town (v.1.0/v.2.0) BDB-005/022 1996-03-28/1997-01-30 bundled with console
B no Kaidan BAN-9601 1996 demo disc
Chibikko Club BDS-20009 1996-03 JP¥ 5,800
Chisato Moritaka CD-ROM Watarase Bashi BDS-10007 1996 JP¥ 4,800
Circus! BDS-20031 1996-07-05 JP¥ 4,800
CombiPark Tonde Mat A (CD-ROM set) 42715 1997 JP¥ 19,800
CombiPark Tonde Mat B (CD-ROM only) 42725 1997 JP¥ 6,800
Dazzeloids BDS-20030 1996-06-07 JP¥ 4,800
Densha Daishuugou: Driving Train BDE-10014 1996-07-05 JP¥ 5,800
Dinosaur Museum APR-1004 1996-04 JP¥ 4,800
EGWORD Pure (v.1.0) BDE-10021 1996-06-07 JP¥ 7,800
Epson Colorio Club Print Sample Kit COLO-CLUB-A/B/V9/V12 1997/1998/1999 demo disc
Fair, then Partly Piggy BDS-20038 1996 JP¥ 5,800
Fortullia BDE-10003 1996-03 JP¥ 5,800
Franklin the Turtle (sample) * 199? demo disc
Franky Online BDB-006 1996-03-28 bundled with console
Funky Funny Aliens BDS-20014 1996 JP¥ 3,800
Gadget: Invention, Travel, & Adventure BDS-20033 1996 JP¥ 4,800
Gakkō no Kowai Uwasa: Hanako-san ga Kita!! BDS-20012 1996 JP¥ 3,800
Gokigen Mama no Omakase Diary BDE-10012 1996 JP¥ 5,800
Gundam 0079: The War for Earth * BDE-10030 1996-12 (Mac) JP¥ 5,800
Gundam Tactics: Mobility Fleet 0079 BDE-10008/70008 1996-03 JP¥ 5,800
Gundam Virtual Modeler Light BDE-10029 1996 JP¥ 8,800
Internet Kit (v.1.0/v.1.1/v.2.0/v.2.0-NTT) BDB-004/010/012/031 1996-03-28/06-15/12-11/'97 bundled with console
Introducing "Forester" CD-ROM 1996-06 demo disc
Jungle Park BDE-10013 1996-06 JP¥ 5,800
Kids Box BDS-20003 1996-03 JP¥ 5,880
L-Zone BDS-20017 1996-03 JP¥ 4,800
Le Livre de Lulu BDS-20039 1996-11-01 JP¥ 4,800
Mac Bin 38 (MacUser Japanese Edition 1997-1) MUJ-9701 1997-01 bundled with magazine
Mac Bin 40A & 40B (MacUser Japanese Edition 1997-3) MUJ-9703-1/9703-2 1997-03 bundled with magazine
Mobile Suit Gundam: Zion Dukedom Military-File BDE-10038 1997 JP¥ 6,800
Mobile Suit Gundam: White Base - The 13th Independent Force BDE-10031 1997 JP¥ 8,800
Music ISLAND vol.1: Peter and the Wolf BDS-20007 1996 JP¥ 5,800
Music ISLAND vol.2: The Nutcracker BDS-20027 1996-06-07 JP¥ 5,800
Music ISLAND vol.3: The Four Seasons BDS-20028 1996-07-05 JP¥ 5,800
Music ISLAND vol.4: Carnival of the Animals BDS-20029 1996-07-05 JP¥ 5,800
Narabete! Tsukkute! Ugoku Block BDE-10011 1996-06-07 JP¥ 3,800
Nemurenu Yoru no Chiisana Ohanashi BDS-20015 1996 JP¥ 4,800
NetCruiser 2.0 / J-DATA BDB-012A 1996 bundled with console
New Legacy Laboratory 1996-06 demo disc
Nobunaga's Ambition Returns BDE-10018 1996 JP¥ 5,800
Ocean Life: Hawaii edition BDS-20020 1996-05 JP¥ 4,800
Odotte AIUEO BCRH-0020 1997-03 JP¥ 5,800
PEASE PEASE001/002 1996/06-15 JP¥ 12,800
PEASE Turbo PEASE2001 1996-11-30 JP¥ 3,800
Picture Book of Mission School Uniform (R '96) BDS-20035 1996-06-25 JP¥ 5,800
Pippin Atmark Demonstration Disk BDZ-00001 199? demo disc
Pippin Atmark ISDN Setup CD BDB-??? 199? bundled with console
Pippin Hardware Demo XXX-001 199? demo disc
Pippin Navigator CD (v.1.0?/v.1.1) BDB-001/008 1996-03-28/06-15 bundled with console
Pippin Network CD (v.1.0/v.2.0/v.2.1/v.2.1.5/v.3.0) BDB-002/011/014/??/?? 1996-03-28/06-15/'96/'96/'97 bundled with console
Pippin Title CD-ROM Catalog (vol.1) BDB-007 1996-03-28 bundled with console
PiPPiN Title Movie (Mac Fan PiPPiN SPECIAL, Disk A) MFP9605A 1996-06-10 bundled with magazine
PiPPiN Title Demo (Mac Fan PiPPiN SPECIAL, Disk B) MFP9605B 1996-06-10 bundled with magazine
Post de Card (v.3 Light) BDE-10028 1996 JP¥ 7,800
Power Nazoler PNL9610HBLD 1996-10 JP¥ 5,700
Racing Days BDE-20008 1996-04 JP¥ 6,800
Randoseru Shougakkou 1-Nensei BDS-20010 1996-03 JP¥ 5,800
SD Gundam Wars BDE-10017 1997 JP¥ 6,800
SD Ultraman's Challenge! Maze Island BDE-10010 1996 JP¥ 3,800
SeesawC 1: My favorite things 120 BDE-10006 1996 JP¥ 3,800
SeesawC 2: My favorite places 400 BDE-10023 1996 JP¥ 3,800
Shichisokusen BDS-20019 1996 JP¥ 4,800
Shock Wave BDS-20024 1996 JP¥ 6,800
T-Break BDS-20026 1996 JP¥ 3,800
Tamagotchi CD-ROM BDE-10033 1997-08-08 JP¥ 2,800
Tarot Mystery BDS-20004 1996-03 JP¥ 4,800
Teleport Jr. CD-ROM Magazine Vol.1 1996 demo disc
Tetsuman Gaiden: Ambition of Great Game BDS-20006 1996-03 JP¥ 5,800
Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends BDE-10024/70024 1996-09 JP¥ 3,800
Tropic Island BDS-20011 1996-03 JP¥ 3,800
Tunin'Glue BDE-10005 1996-06-07 JP¥ 5,800
TV Works (v.1.0/v.2.0/v.2.1/v.POP/v.POP-1999) BDB-003/009/013/020/041 1996-03-28/06-15/'96/'96/'99 bundled with console
Ultraman: The Digital Board Game BDE-70002 1996 JP¥ 5,800
Ultraman Quiz King BDE-10020/70020 1996-07-05 JP¥ 5,800
Victorian Park BDE-10004 1996-06-07 JP¥ 5,800
The Virgin Of a Legend Aq-0004 1996 JP¥ 5,800
WebViewer with MS Internet Explorer 3.0 for Mac BDB-026 1997 bundled with console
WebViewer with MS Internet Explorer 3.0 for Mac / J-DATA NetCruiser 3.0 BDB-033 1997 bundled with console
With Open Eyes: Images from the Art Institute of Chicago BDS-20018 1996 JP¥ 4,800
Yellow Brick Road I BDS-20022 1997 JP¥ 4,800
Yellow Brick Road II BDS-20023 1997 JP¥ 4,800
Yellows (Akira Gomi Photographs) BDS-20001 1996 JP¥ 6,800
Yellows 2.0 (Tokyo 1993 Akira Gomi Photographs) BDS-20002 1996 JP¥ 6,800
Zukkoke Threesome: Drama Murder Case BDE-10032 1997 JP¥ 5,800

United States[]

CD-ROM titles promoted for the @WORLD console.

Most authorized U.S. releases were branded with both the square Pippin logo and the @WORLD logo in blue packaging. These discs are especially rare as far fewer Pippin @WORLD consoles were sold than their Japanese counterparts. Though some (but not all) of the applications could be launched on a Power Macintosh computer, none were advertised as offering hybrid support.[3]

Titles released by Bandai Digital Entertainment for @WORLD consoles in the United States were assigned a 5-digit ID number which corresponded with five of the latter digits from the product's UPC bar code, not including the final check digit. This 5-digit number was often followed by a letter (usually C for discs, F for exterior packaging).

See also: Category: Pippin @WORLD titles
Pippin @WORLD Title Product ID Release Date MSRP
@WORLD Basics 01338C 1996-12 bundled with console
@WORLD Browser (v.?/Online Suite Premium Beta/v.3) 41098C/41458/41588 1996-12/1997-07/1998-02 bundled with console
@WORLD Registration 01348C 1996-12 bundled with console
Apple PIPPIN Macworld Presentation & Demo 1996 demo disc
Better Homes and Gardens Cool Crafts 71058C/F 1996-12 US$ 24.95
CineNoir 31158C/F 1996-12 US$ 24.95
Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia: @World Edition 71278C/F 1996-12 US$ 49.95
Exotic Sushi 71062C/F 1996-12 US$ 39.95
Gundam 0079: The War for Earth * 41031B/41463 1997-09 (Mac/Win) US$ 29.95
Gus Goes to Cyberopolis 11198C/F 1996-12 US$ 24.95
Gus Goes to the Kooky Carnival in search of Rant 11208C/F 1996-12 US$ 24.95
Home Improvement 1-2-3 1996-12 US$ 24.95
The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime * 41175 1997-06-19 (Mac) US$ 39.95
Movioke * 31473 1997-09 (Mac/Win) US$ 29.95
Mr. Potato Head Saves Veggie Valley 11048C/F 1996-12 US$ 24.95
Playskool Puzzles 1118?C/F 1996-12 US$ 24.95
Power Rangers Zeo Versus The Machine Empire 41018C/F 1996-12 US$ 29.95
Racing Days 41148C/F 1996-12 US$ 39.95
Super Marathon 41028C/F 1996-12 US$ 39.95
TV Works (v.1/v.3) 61088C/61528 1996-12/1997-05 bundled with console

Unofficial titles[]

Authenticated releases from a source other than Apple, Bandai, Katz Media, or other official licensee are rare. Early demo discs that have surfaced were likely authenticated by a first-party insider, though more are expected to appear since Pippin authentication was cracked in 2019.[7]

See also: Category: Unofficial Pippin titles
Unofficial Pippin Title Product ID Release Date MSRP
Best of Blender: The Interactive Entertainment Magazine 1996-09 demo disc
Macintosh on Pippin (a.k.a. "Tuscon") 1998-09-16 demo disc
Pippin Kickstart 2019-06-30 free (GPLv2)


A Katz Pippin Demo CD being loaded into a KMP 2000.

European releases from Katz Media are extremely rare, as not many Katz Media Player 2000 consoles are known to have reached the public. Discs for the KMP 2000 do not require authentication and may not bear official Pippin platform markings. As a result, such titles may not run on consumer Pippin models in Japan nor the United States without developer ROMs.[8] Katz Media stated that it had acquired publishing rights to about 40-50 CD-ROM titles,[9] of which only 4 to 5 were being developed for the Pippin platform due to costs involved.[10]

See also: Category: Katz Media Player titles
Katz Media Player Title Product ID Release Date MSRP
Histoires d'Urologie PUISSANCE3 1999
Katz Pippin Demo CD (v.2.0) KATS-X01 1997 bundled with console
SurfEZ! masterCD 1997 bundled with console

Software Development Kits[]

The first Pippin SDK CD.

Apple Computer issued Software Development Kit (SDK) CD-ROMs to selected developers to create titles for the Pippin platform. The included APIs and extensions were based on the Macintosh operating system.[11]

See also: Category: Software development
SDK Release Disc ID Release Date
Pippin SDK CD (developer release 0) APL-1 1995-12
Pippin Developer SDK (version 1.0) 1996-02
Pippin Developer SDK (version 1.1) 1996-04
Pippin SDK CD (developer release 1) APL-2 1996-05
Apple Developer CD Series: Tool Chest 1996-08
Pippin ROM Update (with SDK 1.1 additions) 1996-09
Pippin SDK CD-ROM (includes 1.2 ROM Update) 1996-11-13
Apple Developer CD Series: Reference Library 1997-03


* Pippin release status of this title in this respective market is uncertain.[4]


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