The Mac mini is Apple's smallest desktop computer. First introduced introduced in January 2005 with a PowerPC G4 processor, it has since been updated with Intel Core processors and an aluminum unibody enclosure.[1]

Home theater deviceEdit

The 2010 model was the first Apple product to include HDMI video output, which combined with a built-in DVD-R drive, positioned it as an alternative home theater device to the Apple TV.[1] Subsequent models have eliminated the built-in optical drive, adopting digital distribution of media like the Apple TV, though external drives are still supported.[2][3]


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  • Apple Interactive Television Box (1994-1996), Apple's first effort to develop a set-top box.
  • Apple TV (2007-present), Apple's current digital media player and microconsole.
  • Macintosh TV (1993-1994), Apple's first attempt to integrate a computer and television.
  • Pioneer MPC-LX200-TV (1996-1997), the only Macintosh clone with television capabilities.
  • Pippin (1996-1998), Apple's ill-fated consumer multimedia platform.

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