The Macintosh TV was Apple Computer's first attempt to integrate a computer and television, based on a Performa 520 with a cable-ready television tuner . However, the Macintosh desktop and television signal could only be displayed exclusively of one another and could not share the 14" Sony Trinitron screen.[1]

Other models with TV functionalityEdit

An Apple TV Tuner Card (661-0160, 820-0549-A) from an Apple TV/Video System (M2896LL/C) and an Apple MPEG Media System card (661-0995) could be installed on any LC/Performa 500 or 630 series, or Power Macintosh/Performa 5000 or 6000 series computers to gain similar or greater functionality.[2]

The following Apple models also come pre-configured with television capabilities and dark enclosures:

Models with PowerPC processors could run Apple Video Player (up to version 1.7.3) to play video within a window, unlike the Macintosh TV.[3] A newer card from the Apple TV/FM System also contains a FM radio tuner.[4][5]


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  • Apple Interactive Television Box (1994-1996), Apple's first effort to develop a set-top box.
  • Apple TV (2007-present), Apple's current digital media player and microconsole.
  • Mac mini (2005-present), Apple's small desktop computer which added HDMI output in 2010.
  • Pioneer MPC-LX200-TV (1996-1997), the only Macintosh clone with television capabilities.
  • Pippin (1996-1998), Apple's ill-fated consumer multimedia platform.

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