Pippin Atmark at MacworldExpoTokyo96

Bandai's Pippin Atmark exhibit at Macworld Expo Tokyo '96.

The Macworld Conference & Exposition, or simply Macworld Expo, is a tradeshow dedicated to Apple's Macintosh platform. It was organized by the publisher of Macworld magazine, a subsidiary of International Data Group. The Pippin platform, jointly developed by Apple Computer and Bandai, was marketed at Macworld events held in 1995 to 1997.

1995 eventsEdit

Macworld TV Tokyo 1995

Macworld TV Tokyo 1995

(skip to 6m15s for Pippin)

Macworld Expo Tokyo '95Edit

Held February 25-28, 1995 at Makuhari Messe, the 5th expo to date in Japan. Bandai Digital Software demonstrated an early Pippin Concept Prototype (EVT-1), branded as a "Pippin Power Player". Music ISLAND publisher Oracion was also in attendance. Preliminary software announcements included ClarisWorks, The Journeyman Project 2: Buried in Time and Music ISLAND vol.2: The Nutcracker,[1] though many were never released for the platform.[2][3]

1996 eventsEdit

Macworld Expo SF 1996 report

Macworld Expo SF 1996 report

(skip to 2m27s for Pippin)

Macworld Expo San Francisco '96Edit

Held January 9-12, 1996, the 12th to date to be held at Moscone Center.[4] Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki showed off a Pippin prototype in a finalized design (internally identified as EVT-2) running alongside an ITV (Apple Interactive Television Box) in the exhibit hall.[5][6] Tentatively named "PowerStation", it was running Netscape Navigator with an announced target price of $600 in Japan and $600 in the United States.[7]

Macworld TV Tokyo 1996

Macworld TV Tokyo 1996

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Macworld Expo Tokyo '96Edit

Held February 21-24, 1996 at Makuhari Messe.[8] The Pippin Atmark was introduced by Bandai and became a major attraction that drew crowds.[9][10] The console was put up for pre-sale reservations during the event.[11] Several display units were connected to the internet, running Atmark Town, Franky Online and other titles, though one crashed during a demonstration.[12] A developer seminar limited to 100 attendees was jointly held by Apple and Bandai Digital Entertainment on February 21.[13] Pioneer begins showing systems based on the faster PowerPC 604 processor.[12]

Macworld Expo Boston '96Edit

Held August 7-10, 1996 at Bayside Expo Center,[14] where a new attendance record was set.[9] However, the focus of this event was the survival of Apple Computer.[15] Though the Pippin @WORLD console had just been unveiled in May at the Electronic Entertainment Expo,[16] it had not yet shipped in the United States and was already being overshadowed by the rollout of new systems based on faster PowerPC 603e and 604e processors.[15]

1997 eventsEdit

Gil Amelio with Steve Jobs 1997 MACWORLD

Gil Amelio with Steve Jobs 1997 MACWORLD

Macworld Expo San Francisco '97Edit

Held January 7-10, 1997, the 13th to date to be held at Moscone Center.[17] The presence of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs overshadowed CEO Gil Amelio at an opening day media event held nearby at the Marriott Hotel.[18][19] After Jobs took over as Interim CEO later that year,[20] the Pippin would be cancelled during Jobs' reorganization of Apple and its product lines to return to profitability.[21]

Pippin Atmark-PD

A Pippin Atmark-PD prototype at Macworld Expo Tokyo '97.

Macworld Expo Tokyo '97Edit

Held February 19-22, 1997 at Makuhari Messe.[8] Bandai promoted Tamagotchi CD-ROM, based on their hit digital pets.[22] Bandai Digital Entertainment's booth was split into a "Home Use Zone" and "Business Use Zone",[23] where new prototypes, including the Pippin Atmark-PD and Atmark-EX were shown.[24] A seminar was held on February 20 to promote the use of the Pippin Atmark in a business environment.[23] However, the Pippin platform would be abandoned by the following year and none of the new models would be released for sale.[25]


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