Morton Subotnick's Making Music (メイキングミュージック) is a CD-ROM-based edutainment title that had been announced for the Pippin Atmark console in which young children can compose music visually.[1]

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Morton Subotnick's Making Music

Morton Subotnick's Making Music

Feature demonstration.

Making Music was first released in 1995 by Voyager Company as a hybrid disc for Macintosh and Windows 3.1. It was re-released by Viva Media in 2003.[2] Updated classroom and home editions for Mac OS X 10.6 and Windows XP/Vista/7 were released by Alfred Music in 2008.[3][4]

A Pippin version of the CD-ROM had been announced in Bandai's Pippin Title CD-ROM Catalog for Fall 1996, but does not appear to have been released.[1]



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