Playskool's Mr. Potato Head Saves Veggie Valley is a CD-ROM-based children's adventure and puzzle game for Pippin consoles in which Mr. Potato Head and his daughter Sweet Potato must find a way to bring rain to Veggie Valley.[1]


Mr. Potato Head Saves Veggie Valley was developed for Pippin @WORLD, Macintosh and Windows 3.1 by Duck Soup Productions with Turning Point Software.[2] Hasbro Interactive published the Mac and Windows versions in January 1996,[3] and Bandai Digital Entertainment published the Pippin version with the release of the @WORLD console in December 1996.[4] It was also shown by Bandai at the 1997 Electronic Entertainment Expo.[5]

In 2000, it was bundled with the Macintosh versions of Candyland, Play-Doh Creations and Playskool Puzzles in a Mac Kids Pack CD-ROM from MacSoft.[6][7]

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