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Multimedia Newton vol.1: Dinosaurs Encyclopedia I (マルチメディアニュートン Vol.1 恐竜年代記 I) is an educational CD-ROM that had been announced for the Pippin Atmark,[1] based on content from Newton Graphic Science Magazine published in Japan.[2]


Multimedia Newton: Dinosaurs Encyclopedia (マルチメディアニュートン 恐竜年代記) was developed by Neomedia Wing (ネオメディア ウイング) and originally released as a single volume for Macintosh in June 1994.[3][4] A separate version had also been released for Windows 3.1 in 1994.[5]

This was split into two parts for the Playdia console as Newton museum: Dinosaurs Encyclopedia vol.1 and vol.2, which were both released in Japan by Bandai on November 25, 1994.[6][7]

A hybrid version was later released for Macintosh and Windows 3.1/95 as Multimedia Newton vol.1: Dinosaurs Encyclopedia I: Triassic & Jurassic Edition (マルチメディアニュートン 恐竜年代記 I: 三畳紀・ジュラ紀編) .[8][9] A Pippin version had been scheduled for late March 1996,[1] but was never released.[10]



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