Music ISLAND vol.1: Peter and the Wolf (プロコフィエフ ピーターと狼) is a CD-ROM-based music entertainment title for the Pippin Atmark console. It features the musical composition Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev, presented with animation.[1]


Three different editions of Music ISLAND vol.1 were produced: The Original edition includes bilingual English and Japanese support. It also supports General MIDI playback, either with built-in MIDI software or an external sequencer like Cubase, allowing the user to isolate instruments. The Lite edition omits English support and MIDI capabilities. The "Oke Pit" Orchestra & Piano Trainer edition includes the orchestral score sheets and a picture book with musical arrangements for piano solos.[2][3][4]


Music ISLAND vol.1 was developed by Oracion (オラシオン) with Macromedia Director and was originally released in 1993 as a set of separate discs (not hybrid) for Windows and Macintosh in Japan.[5] Though it is compatible with older Macintosh computers with 68040 processors and older PCs running Windows 3.1, MIDI support requires a Power Macintosh with a PowerPC processor or a PC running Windows 95.[3]

PA Music ISLAND v1 v2 Oracion TokyoToyShow95

Peter and the Wolf (in the background) at the 1995 Tokyo Toy Show.

The forthcoming Pippin port was among early titles promoted by Bandai and Oracion at the Tokyo Toy Show in June 1995.[6] Some Pippin developers received an early beta version as part of a pre-release set bundled with Pippin Power Player prototypes in December 1995.[7] A hybrid version for Pippin and Macintosh was released in Japan in 1996.[1][8]

A hybrid U.S. version for Windows and Macintosh was released by Dynaware USA in December 1995.[9]




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