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Music ISLAND vol.5: The Blue Danube (うつくしく青きドナウ) is a CD-ROM-based music entertainment title. It features the musical waltz The Blue Danube by Johann Strauss II, presented with animation.[1]


Three different editions of Music ISLAND vol.5 were produced: The Original edition includes bilingual English and Japanese support. It also supports General MIDI playback, either with built-in MIDI software or an external sequencer like Cubase, allowing the user to isolate instruments. The Lite edition omits English support and MIDI capabilities. The "Oke Pit" Orchestra & Piano Trainer edition includes the orchestral score sheets and a picture book with musical arrangements for piano solos.[1][2][3]

Release status[]

WinMac Music ISLAND v5 The Blue Danube jacket

Win/Mac CD jacket (Original edition).

Music ISLAND vol.5 was developed by Oracion (オラシオン) with Macromedia Director and released in Japan around 1996 as a set of separate discs (not hybrid) for Windows and Macintosh. Though it is compatible with older Macintosh computers with 68040 processors and older PCs running Windows 3.1, MIDI support requires a Power Macintosh with a PowerPC processor or a PC running Windows 95.[2]

Unlike earlier volumes from the Music ISLAND series, a Pippin version of The Blue Danube is not known to have been released.[4]


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