Narabete! Tsukkute! Ugoku Block (ならべて! つくって! うごくブロック) is a CD-ROM-based children's edutainment title for the Pippin Atmark console.[1]


Let's Play Apple Pippin Narabete! Tsukkute! Ugoku Block

Let's Play Apple Pippin Narabete! Tsukkute! Ugoku Block

Demonstration (with French commentary).

Young players can move and combine blocks to form various shapes, such as vehicles and buildings, with animated backgrounds and sounds.[2]

The app supports the saving of games to floppy disks due to the size of saved game files (~110KB), but disk emulators such as FloppyEmu do not work.[3]


The CD-ROM was developed by Bandai Digital Entertainment.[2] The user interface evolved slightly before it was released.[4][5]


Narabete! Tsukkute! Ugoku Block was released by Bandai in Japan on June 7, 1996 as a hybrid disc for Pippin and Macintosh.[2][6] Though retail units were stickered for Power Macintosh, the back of the CD-ROM packaging identifies support for 68040 Macs.[3]



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