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Basic diagram published in MacWEEK vol.10-37 of Apple's Pippin 2.0 specification.

Pippin 2.0, also known as Pippin 1997 Reference Platform,[1] was a reference design specification prepared by Apple Computer to update the Pippin platform.[2][3]


Apple had been demonstrating the design to licensees and developers in 1996. ROM space was to be increased from 4MB to 8MB to eliminate the need to store system software on the CD-ROM, allowing diskless booting for set-top or kiosk operation.[2] The set-top box prototype combined the functionality of a game console with a satellite receiver and DVD-R drive.[4] Apple CEO Gil Amelio stated at Apple's 1996 Worldwide Developers Conference that Apple was developing its own version of Pippin that was not intended to compete with Bandai's consoles.[5] Amelio also described Apple's version of a NC device, based on the Network Computer Reference Profile, as "kind of a Pippin Plus."[6]

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs returned to the struggling company and was named Interim CEO on September 16, 1997.[7] The Pippin was among several projects cancelled by Jobs to return Apple to profitability.[8] However, Jobs chose to retain the Macintosh NC project, which evolved into the PowerPC G3-based iMac, a breakout success for Apple in 1998.[9] Some of the other technologies, such as Firewire and DVD-ROM, reappeared as part of the iMac DV in 1999.[10]




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