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The gold version of the Pippin @WORLD (PW-10001) is a unique Pippin console that was produced in 1996 for Gil Amelio, the CEO of Apple Computer at the time.[2] The @WORLD console was being marketed by Bandai Digital Entertainment in the United States. Its parent company Bandai announced a partnership with Apple Computer on December 13, 1994 to produce the consoles and later also supplied them to Katz Media as an OEM.[3][4]


Manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric,[1] the @WORLD was nearly identical to Bandai's own Pippin Atmark, which had been released earlier in Japan. The U.S. model featured ROM revision 1.2, which added support for SCSI drives. Adding the ability to load non-authenticated discs would require a revision 1.3 ROM swap.[5]

@WORLD consoles were produced for the American market in black cases, while Atmarks from Japan were typically in white cases with a small number of black Atmarks.[6] The gold @WORLD console that was produced for Gil Amelio has since been donated to the Computer History Museum.[2][7]


The only known matching peripheral is a gold version of the AppleJack controller that was included with the console as a museum piece.[2][7]



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