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The Pippin Atmark Floppy Unit (PA-82002) is an expansion dock for Pippin consoles that adds the ability to read and write to floppy disks.[1]


The optional dock was assembled in Japan for Bandai Digital Entertainment with internal components designed by Apple Computer.[2] The position of the ejection pinhole indicates that the floppy drive mechanism is a manual-inject unit from Mitsubishi Electric. The drive is capable of reading 800KB and 1.4MB floppy disks in HFS format. Older MFS-formatted 400KB disks can still be read under the Pippin OS based on Mac OS 7.5.2,[3] but this backwards compatibility disappears in Mac OS 8.[4]


A white version of the dock was released in the Japanese market with the launch of the Pippin Atmark at an MSRP of JP¥ 12,000.[5] However, they are exceptionally rare.[6] Some unreleased prototypes contained a combination of a floppy drive in the front and a 10BASE-T ethernet port in the back.[7]

A dark version for Pippin @WORLD or Katz Media Player 2000 consoles had been announced for release in October 1996 at a list price of US$120, but is not known to have shipped to the public.[6][8][9]

Replica board[]

Hobbyists have produced a replica of the floppy adapter board to attach a floppy drive.[10] A FloppyEmu unit can also be used to emulate a floppy disk with a Secure Digital (SD) card, which can store multiple 400K, 800K, and 1.4MB disk images.[11][12] This can be a viable storage alternative for early Pippin Atmarks with revision 1.0 "KINKA" ROMs as they do not support external SCSI drives without a 1.2 ROM upgrade.[13][14][15]



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