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Pippin Navigator CD is CD-ROM-based tutorial and setup application which was bundled with Pippin Atmark consoles sold in Japan.[1]


The default application on the CD-ROM, named Navigator J, was authored with Macromedia Director 4.0.4J1. The main menu offered options for narrated tours of the Pippin Atmark console, access to console data and setup.[2]


The first disc (no version number assigned, but presumed to be 1.0) was released on March 28, 1996 as a part of Pippin DISK 6 vol. 1, which was included in the original special "Network set" (「ネットワークセット」) with Pippin Atmark consoles sold in Japan.[3]

Version 1.1 was introduced on June 15, 1996 with the lower-priced base "Pippin Atmark body set" (「ピピン@アットマーク」「本体セット」).[4]



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