Pippin Title CD-ROM Catalog (Pippin タイトル CD-ROM カタログ) vol.1 is a digital catalog of CD-ROM titles for Pippin Atmark consoles in Japan.[1] Only the first volume was ever published.


In a January 1996 newsletter, Apple notified developers that Bandai Digital Entertainment would show the Pippin console, still tentatively called the Pippin Power Player, at Macworld Expo Tokyo '96. Developers were requested to fill out a Pippin title description form to have their software titles included in a CD-ROM tentatively called the "Pippin Title catalog".[2]


The catalog was released on March 28, 1996 by Bandai Digital Entertainment with the launch of the Pippin Atmark console. The disc was bundled with each console sold in Japan.[3][4]


The disc contains an app that was authored with Macromedia Director and presents 85 Pippin titles that had been announced by Bandai at the time. The individual listings are organized by genre and include a screenshot or sample video clip, but no interactive demos. Though not specifically identified as being Mac-compatible, the disc contents can be viewed on a Macintosh computer with Japanese WorldScript or KanjiTalk support.

With the early demise of the platform and closure of Bandai Digital Entertainment on March 13, 1998,[5] many of the listed titles never became available for Pippin consoles.[6]

Listed titlesEdit

Only 45 of the 85 titles (noted in green) are confirmed to have been released for the Pippin platform. 26 were released for another desktop platform, such as Mac or PC. Several were also released for other consoles, with 1 being only released on other consoles. 13 titles (noted in red) are not known to have been released.

#  Pippin Net / Communication (通信しようぜ) Company(ies) Scheduled Date Released?
01  Atmark Town BDEC 1996-03 Yes
02  Internet Kit BDEC / Netscape 1996-03 Yes
03  Curio City Peace on Demand 1996-Summer Mac/Win only
04  Franky Online for Pippin Future Pirates 1996-03 Yes
#  Pippin Personal Constructivity (お役に立ちます) Company(ies) Scheduled Date Released?
05  Tarot Mystery Visit 1996-03 Yes
06  TV Works BDEC / Sonoran Blue 1996-03 Yes
07  Fortullia BDEC 1996-03 Yes
08  Fate Horoscope: Angel of Fortune Media Network 1996-Spring Mac only
09  Sento Monogatari, sono I Ariadne Media TBD 3DO/PS1/Saturn
#  Pippin Fun (いろいろオモシロ) Company(ies) Scheduled Date Released?
10  Puzzland Ideasland 1996-Fall No
11  Kids Box ASK Kodansha 1996-03 Yes
12  There Are Many People Columbia Creative 1996-TBD Mac/Win only
13  Blue Sango Gyro 1996-Summer Mac/Win only
14  Jungle Park BDEC / Digitalogue 1996-06 Yes
15  Gundam Virtual Modeler Light BDEC 1996-05 Yes
16  Raster-chan to Asobou Honda Carax 1996-TBD Mac/Win only
17  Nemurenu Yoru no Chiisana Ohanashi Amuse 1996-03 Yes
18  Dazzeloids Voyager 1996-04 Yes
19  Circus! Voyager 1996-05 Yes
#  Pippin Games (ゲーム大好き) Company(ies) Scheduled Date Released?
20  L-Zone Synergy 1996-03 Yes
21  Racing Days Kitt Peak 1996-03 Yes
22  Clone Ranger CyberArts 1996-04 Mac/Win only
23  Yellow Brick Road II Synergy 1996-06 ! Yes
24  Tetsuman Gaiden: Ambition of Great Game Teichiku 1996-03 Yes
25  Ultraman: The Digital Board Game BDEC 1996-Summer Yes
26  Victorian Park BDEC 1996-04 Yes
27  Ultraman Quiz King BDEC 1996-05 Yes
28  Gundam Tactics BDEC 1996-03 Yes
29  Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 BDEC 1996-06 Mac/PS1/Win
30  Zukkoke Threesome: Drama Murder Case BDEC 1996-TBD Yes
31  Graduation Real Bandai Visual 1996-TBD Mac/PS1/Win/etc.
32  Rebel Assault Micro Mouse TBD 3DO/DOS/Mac/etc.
33  Tropic Island Momodera's Brand 1996-03 Yes
34  Gakkō no Kowai Uwasa: Hanako-san ga Kita!! Amuse 1996-03 Yes
35  Bonogurashi Amuse 1996-05 3DO/Mac/PS1
#  Pippin Knowledge (知識の小箱) Company(ies) Scheduled Date Released?
36  1995.1.17: The Great Hanshin Earthquake Planning House 1996-03 Yes
37  Living on Earth series, vol.1-2 C.P. Cenit 1996-05 Mac/Win only
38  Asakusa Monument CLIP 1996-Spring No
39  Honshū-san Kumagera ecological report THINK Logic 1996-03 No
40  EncycloMedia: Lotus series (Lotus Elan, Lotus Seven, All that Lotus) THINK Logic 1996-03 No
41  EncycloMedia: Japanese Jindai Moji Characters THINK Logic 1996-Spring No
42  EncyChronicle: Ryoma Sakamoto THINK Logic 1996-Spring No
43  Symbiotic Earth Taihei Printing TBD Mac only
44  Ocean Life: Hawaii Compilation Universal Magic 1996-03 Yes
45  World's Diving Spots Bandai Visual 1996-TBD Mac only
46  Australia Diving Bandai Visual 1996-TBD Mac only
47  Kenji Megasoft / Candybox TBD ! Mac/Win only
48  Shichisokusen Media5 1996-03 Yes
49  Welcome to Minakata Kumagusu Mandala Hall Yanocom 1996-Summer No
50  "Mechanical Watch Collection" Rocks 1996-Summer No
51  Yellows Digitalogue 1996-03 Yes
52  Yellows 2.0 1993 Tokyo Digitalogue 1996-03 Yes
53  Picture Book of Mission School Uniform 'R' (tentative) Bandai Visual 1996-06 Yes
#  Pippin Sound (音を楽しむ) Company(ies) Scheduled Date Released?
54  Chisato Moritaka CD-ROM Watarase Bashi Oracion 1996-03 Yes
55  Music ISLAND vol.1: Peter and the Wolf Oracion 1996-03 Yes
56  Music ISLAND vol.2: The Nutcracker Oracion 1996-Spring Yes
57  Music ISLAND vol.3: The Four Seasons Oracion 1996-Spring Yes
58  Music ISLAND vol.4: Carnival of the Animals Oracion 1996-Spring Yes
59  GM Instrument Chart (tentative) Sunward 1996-Summer No
60  Kids Sound Master CELSYS TBD ! No
61  Tunin'Glue BDEC 1996-03 ! Yes
62  Making Music Voyager 1996-Fall ! Mac/Win only
63  Orgotto Megasoft TBD ! Mac/Win only
64  Music Forest Ritmo, vol.1 Machina 1996-Spring ! No
65  Funky Funny Aliens Amuse 1996-03 ! Yes
#  Pippin Books (クリックして読書) Company(ies) Scheduled Date Released?
66  Pop Up Computer ASK Kodansha TBD ! Mac/Win only
67  "Inadvertently a Witch Maid" Alice F. TBD ! Win only
68  Japanese Folk Tales, vol.1-3 High Technology Communications TBD ! Mac only
69  Fair, then Partly Piggy BDEC / Studio Flagship 1996-04 ! Yes
70  Pod Peace on Demand 1996-Summer ! Mac/Win only
71  Bravo Books! Ryomo Systems TBD ! Mac only
#  Pippin Study (遊んで勉強) Company(ies) Scheduled Date Released?
72  SeeSawC series Ai Ga Areba Daijobu 1996-TBD Yes (vol.1-2)
73  Agnes Chan's Childrens Dinosaur Museum Apollon Create / Koala Books 1996-04 Yes
74  Chibikko Club, ver.3 Gakugei 1996-03 Yes
75  Randoseru Shougakkou 1-Nensei, ver.3 Gakugei 1996-03 Yes
76  Vehicle Wonderland Crosstalk TBD No
77  Blessed by the Sun, vol.1 Nankin 1996-Spring Mac only
78  Narabete! Tsukkute! Ugoku Block BDEC 1996-04 Yes
79  SD Ultraman's Challenge! Maze Island BDEC 1996-04 Yes
80  Densha Daishuugou: Driving Train BDEC 1996-05 Yes
81  With Open Eyes: Images from the Art Institute of Chicago Voyager 1996-03 Yes
82  Kazuya-kun series (addition & subtraction), (multiplication & division) Media Art TBD Mac/Win only
83  Tan-Goo series Media5 1996-04 No
84  Don Quixote (Lite version) Media5 1996-04 Mac/Win only
85  Das Rheingold Media5 1996-TBD Mac/Win only
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