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Early ROM and AppleJack adapter

An early Pippin ROM and an ADB-to-AppleJack adapter

Pippin dongles are small external devices that connect to a Pippin console's AppleJack (P-ADB) port, sometimes through an Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) adapter.[1]

Pippin developer dongles[]

Pippin authentication dongle

Pippin developer dongle

Sometimes called "security keys", these bypass the authentication process of Pippin consoles with ROM revision 1.2, allowing developers to test CD-ROM software that have not yet been submitted to Apple Computer or its partners for review.[2][3] On consoles with ROM revision 1.3, the dongle would allow it to boot from an external hard disk.[4] These functions have since been replicated by Pippin Kickstart.[5]

The MicroGuard Plus ADB dongles were manufactured by Micro Macro Technologies, an Israeli company that was acquired by Aladdin Knowledge Systems in March 1999.[6] Harvey Lab acted as an agent for developers using MicroGuard dongles in Japan at the time.[7]

Pippin adapter dongles[]

Pippin P-ADB adapter dongles

AppleJack (P-ADB) and ADB adapter dongles

These adapters allowed ADB devices to be used with a Pippin console's AppleJack port, or vice versa. Some of these products never reached the market as finished goods.

  • Adapter A (AppleJack-to-ADB), Model No: PA-82005/BDE-8005, JP¥ 1,500 2,000.[8][9]
  • Adapter B (ADB-to-AppleJack), JP¥ 1,500 2,000.[8][9]
  • AppleJack-to-[[[Wikipedia:infrared|IR]] transmitter, included as part of the Atmark Wireless Controller Set (BDE-82014)
  • AppleJack Y-split "twin" adapter, JP¥ 1,000.[9]


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