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Promotional image of a Katz Media Player 2000 with a various explansion docks.


Pippin expansion docks were produced in very limited numbers by Bandai Digital Entertainment and Katz Media. The docks used a custom "X-PCI" interface to connect to the underside of a Pippin console.


Pippin Atmark Floppy Unit[]

Model number PA-82002,[1] a white dock containing a floppy drive, released in the Japanese market for Pippin Atmarks at an MSRP of JP¥12,000.[2][3]

Pippin ethernet dock[]

A dock to add ethernet support was announced by Bandai at an MSRP of US$139, but was not released.[4] Some prototypes contained a combination of a floppy drive and a 10BASE-T ethernet port.[5]

Pippin Expansion Unit[]

Arborescence and Katz Media announced plans to build the first "combo" expansion bases for the Canadian market as part of the "Arborescence/Katz Media Pippin package", containing a floppy drive and ethernet (or modem) for customers without internet access. Primetech Electronics prototyped a dock with a X-PCI riser card to support various options through conventional PCI.[6][7] However, these docks were never widely released. Some collectors have found individual riser cards as well as complete specimens housing an ethernet card.[8]

Pippin SCSI dock[]

A dock containing a SCSI port was reportedly tested for consoles that lacked one, but would have required a ROM update to rev. 1.2 or later.[9]

Pippin Zip dock[]

An optional Zip drive for the Pippin was announced by Iomega on June 18, 1996.[10] A prototype add-on had reportedly been tested in Japan, but was not released.[3]

Deltis 230 MO Docking Turbo[]

Released by Olympus on November 15, 1996, this dock featured a MOS330E TURBO III drive with the ability to read 128MB and 230MB magneto-optical (MO) discs with an efficient caching algorithm.[11][12] It was listed for an MSRP of JP¥54,800 and required a ROM update to rev. 1.2 or later.[13][14]



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