Pippin expand memory 4M-8M

The internal board from a 4MB or 8MB Pippin memory module.

Memory expansion modules for Pippin were manufactured by Bandai Digital Entertainment.

Bandai's Pippin Atmark and @WORLD consoles shipped with 6MB of built-in RAM, while the Katz Media Player 2000 shipped with at least 8MB. This memory was shared by the on-board video (which used 1MB as VRAM) and the Macintosh operating system (which itself took up about 2MB), leaving the remainder to be used by the application.[1] Support for displaying Japanese and Kanji characters consumed about another 1MB of memory, 1.5MB if Japanese text input is required.[2] Some Pippin titles required a memory upgrade to launch or enable additional features.[3]


Sometimes referred to as "retention cards", the modules use a 68-pin Hirose FX-type mezzanine connector to add 2, 4, 8 or 16MB of RAM, mounted on a small board that was manufactured by ADTEC Corporation (アドテック) and housed in a plastic case.[4] As high-capacity modules were very rare, hobbyists have been known to produce handcrafted units.[5]


Because some software updates, such as Internet Kit v.2.0, required a memory upgrade, Bandai Digital Entertainment announced that the complete price (including installation fee) for a 2MB memory module would be discounted from JP¥ 15,000 to 9,800 from September 25 to December 10, 1996.[6] The upgrade service began at the end of November 1996 and the complete installation price for a 8MB memory module was also discounted, from JP¥ 27,000 to 19,800.[7] Memory cards could also be purchased directly in Japan by users who did not want to send in their consoles for the installation service.[8] In Europe, Katz Media sold a 16MB memory module with their SurfEZ! web browser for US$ 149.[9]


Model Product ID / Family No. Date MSRP*
Pippin ATMARK ATMARK(sic) Memory Card 2MB PA-82003-2 1995  ?
Pippin ATMARK ATMARK(sic) Memory Card 2MB PA-82011[10] 1996 JP¥ 11,800[11]
(¥15,000 installed)[6]
PA-82011 / 601077500[12] 1996-01-07
Pippin @ ATMARK EX-Memory 4MB (for EVT-2 prototype)** PA-82003-1[13] 1995  ?
Pippin @ ATMARK EX-Memory 4MB (for developers) PA-82003-4[14] 1995  ?
Pippin ATMARK ATMARK(sic) Memory Card 8MB PA-82013 / 60110[15] 1996-01-10 JP¥ 21,800[11]
(¥27,000 installed)[7]
PA-82013 / 70102[16] 1997-01-02
PA-82013 / 70109[17] 1997-01-09
Pippin @World Memory Module 8MB PW10009 / 71128[18] 1997-11-28  ?
Pippin @World 16MB Memory Module** PW10027[19] 1997 US$ 149[9]

* Price does not include installation.
** Rare specimens show makeshift labeling.[20]


Titles that require a memory upgradeEdit

The following upgrade requirements presume the 6MB default configuration of most consumer consoles from Bandai Digital Entertainment.[11] Katz Media Player 2000 consoles have 8MB or at least 14MB of RAM in consumer and developer configurations, respectively.[21][22]

Title Module needed  Note
ad.hoc Medical Practice Quick Training Course 8MB  Will not launch without an upgrade.[23]
Action Designer: Ultraman Tiga 2MB  Printing features require an upgrade.[12]
Anime Designer: Dragon Ball Z 2MB  Printing features require an upgrade.[12]
Circus! 2MB  Will not launch without an upgrade.[24]
Gadget: Invention, Travel, & Adventure 2MB  Will not launch without an upgrade.[3]
Gundam Virtual Modeler Light 8MB  Will not launch without an upgrade.[3]
Internet Kit ver.2.0 2MB  New features require an upgrade.[25]
The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime 8MB  Will not launch without an upgrade.[26][27]
Mobile Suit Gundam: Zion Dukedom Military-File 2MB  Will not launch without an upgrade.[28]
Power Nazoler 2MB  Power Mac version requires 4MB free.[29]
Star Wars: Dark Forces  ?  Demo disc specifies 8MB RAM needed.[30]
Super Marathon 2MB  More features enabled in game options.[3]
WebViewer with MS Internet Explorer / J-DATA NetCruiser 8MB  Will not launch without an upgrade.[31]
Yellow Brick Road I 2MB  Will not launch without an upgrade.[3]
Yellow Brick Road II 2MB  Will not launch without an upgrade.[3]


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