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A 28,800bps @WORLD modem

Modems were included with Pippin consoles to promote their internet capabilities.[1]

Modem models[]

  • Pre-release modem 14,400 baud (bps), Product ID: PA-82007. (included with developer consoles or prototypes)
  • Atmark Modem 14,400 baud (bps), Product ID: PA-82007. (included with most Pippin Atmark consoles)
  • Atmark Modem 14,400 baud (bps), Product ID: PA-82010. (same as above, but sold separately in platinum/white or black)
  • Atmark Modem 33,600 baud (bps), Family number: BDE-82017, JP¥ 18,800. (included with some Pippin Atmark consoles)[2]
  • @WORLD Modem 28,800 baud (bps), SKU: 42141. (included with some Pippin @WORLD console sets, manufactured by Motorola)
  • @WORLD Modem 33,600 baud (bps), Product ID: PW-10013. (included with some Pippin @WORLD consoles, possibly in Japan)

The 14,400 bps modems did not include a separate power supply because they could draw 5 volts of DC power directly from the 9th pin of the GeoPort on Pippin consoles, even though they were not true GeoPort Telecom Adapters.[1][3] On September 23, 1996, Bandai announced that Pippin @WORLD console sets shipped in the United States would include a re-branded 28,800 bps Motorola ModemSURFR,[4] which came with its own separate power supply.[1] On November 22, 1996, Bandai released 33,600 bps Atmark Modems which were GeoPort-powered and required no separate power supply.[5] Some third party manufacturers, such as Global Village, also created conventional modems that could draw power from the 9th pin of GeoPort-equiped Macs to eliminate the need for a power supply.[3]

A Mini-DIN-9 GeoPort

The GeoPort on Pippin consoles could also support a GeoPort Telecom Adapter, which can emulate a modem, though at the expense of increased CPU overhead. Though Telecom Adapters were not included with Pippin consoles, many were shipped for Power Macintosh computers of the time. Use of a Telecom Adapter on a Pippin would require a "Pippinized" CD-ROM that includes software support for the GeoPort.[6]



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