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Pippin Concept Prototype unit 013 open

Inside an early Pippin Concept Prototype.

Pippin prototypes were assembled by Apple Computer for development and evaluation of the Pippin platform before consumer consoles were released by Bandai in 1996. These rare items are of particular interest to collectors of retro computing.[1] Such systems shipped with developer ROMs, allowing them to run pre-release software without authentication.[2]

Pre-release prototypes[]

Pippin Concept Prototype unit 013 front

Pippin Concept Prototype (EVT-1).

  • Pippin Concept Prototype (EVT-1): Constructed by Apple in a custom black box, these early Engineering Validation Test units are more similar to a Power Macintosh computer than a set top console. It was first unveiled at MILIA '95 at Cannes in January.[3] It was also demonstrated by Bandai at Macworld Expo Tokyo '95 in February, where the "Pippin Power Player" brand was first used.[4] About 10 units were sent to Japan in October 1995 for testing.[5] A few found their way into auction sites years later.[6]
Pippin design study model

Early design with Bandai's logo.

  • Design study models: Between September 1994 and February 1995, Ray Riley and Rick Johnson of Apple Computer collaborated with Dave Laituri and Gilbert Wong of Lunar Design to develop the industrial design of consoles and controllers for the Pippin platform. Early models of product designs bore the Bandai logo.[7][8]
Pippin and AppleJack prototypes

Pippin Power Player (EVT-2) with pre-release AppleJack controller.

Unreleased models[]

Bandai published specifications for new Pippin models and previewed them at Macworld Expo Tokyo '97,[17][18] but these were never released for sale.

Pippin Atmark-PD front

Pippin Atmark-PD prototype.

  • Pippin Atmark-PD: Designed as a direct replacement of the original Atmark footprint, it would have included an internal drive that could read a standard CD-ROM disc, as well as read/write to a Phase-change Dual (PD) disk with 600 MB of rewritable optical storage capacity.[19] An external SCSI port would have allowed additional devices to be connected, or for the console itself to function as an external PD drive for a computer.[20]
Pippin Atmark-EX

Pippin Atmark-EX prototype.

  • Pippin Atmark-EX: Featuring a footprint similar to a Macintosh desktop unit, it was designed with 8MB of RAM, expandable to 40MB with standard 72-pin EDO-DRAM modules instead of proprietary Pippin memory modules. The CD-ROM drive was upgraded to a 8x speed. The chassis could handle a half-sized PCI card internally. The displayed unit contained a PCI-based ethernet interface, a built-in analog modem, and wireless infrared (IR) Apple Desktop Bus.[21][22] The expected list price estimated to be about JP¥ 100,000.[18]

Other unreleased models include:

Apple STB1 prototype open

Inside a prototype of the Apple Interactive Television Box, which was cancelled before the Pippin.

Apple Pippin prototype set top 2

The design of this unreleased Pippin Set-top box resembled the early Concept Prototype EVT-1.

Prototype peripherals[]


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  • BA-X, a prototype of the Playdia, Bandai's previous console.

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