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Saban's Power Rangers Zeo Versus The Machine Empire is a CD-ROM-based action game developed for the Pippin @WORLD console by CyberFlix.[1]



Power Rangers Zeo vs The Machine Empire (Pippin)

Gameplay demonstration.

The game features elements of fighting and side-scrolling action across 9 levels of gameplay.[1][2]

The game uses CyberFlix's patented Force-Vector Kinetic Engine,[3] which was derived from the combat game engine used in Creepy Castle and Skull Cracker, both designed or programmed by CyberFlix founder William "Bill" Appleton.[4][5]


Robb Dean and Rand Cabus of CyberFlix traveled to Japan to gain access to authentic materials for the game.[6]


A hybrid disc for Macintosh and Windows 3.1 was released by Bandai Digital Entertainment on October 30, 1996 under a distribution agreement with Graphix Zone. The CD-ROM included a $5 promotional rebate for Power Rangers Zeo toys from Bandai.[3][7]

The Pippin version was released in December 1996 by Bandai Digital Entertainment with the launch of the Pippin @WORLD console.[8][9] International distribution of the game was handled by Dinamic Multimedia.[10]



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