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Racing Days (レーシング・デイズ) is a CD-ROM-based driving game for Pippin consoles. It was developed by Kitt Peak and distributed in Japan and the United States by Bandai Digital Entertainment in 1996.[1][2][3]


The player can select between single play, network play, and simulation modes.[4] This was the only Pippin @WORLD title to be released in the United States with support for multiplayer gaming,[5] though two networked consoles were required.[6] The disc also contains "Red Book" Audio CD tracks that are played back during gameplay.[7]



Racing Days (Pippin)

Gameplay from the Japanese version.

Racing Days was originally developed for Power Macintosh and released in Japan in 1995.[8] Bandai Digital Entertainment released a hybrid version in Japan for Pippin Atmark and Power Macintosh in March 1996.[3]

A Mac-compatible demo version was included with the Pioneer MPC-LX200 series, which was released in Japan on July 1, 1996. Pioneer, like Bandai, was among the few Japanese companies that obtained a license from Apple Computer to build Macintosh clones.[9]

Racing Days was one of a few games also released by Bandai Digital Entertainment as a launch title for the Pippin @WORLD in the United States. A separate Macintosh version had been scheduled for a U.S. release in January 1997,[1] which was pushed back to August 1997.[10]

An updated version, Racing Days R, was released for Mac by Feral Interactive in 1999 and was ported to Pocket PC by Kitt Peak in 2001.[11][12]


Due to the rarity of the U.S. version in particular, a specimen with the original blue box can fetch hundreds of dollars at auction sites.[13]



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