SD Gundam Wars (SD ガンダム ウォーズ) is a CD-ROM-based strategy game for the Pippin Atmark console in which the user plays "super-deformed" characters from the Japanese anime spinoff SD Gundam.[1]


An earlier iteration, SD Gundam: Gundam Wars, had been developed by TOSE and released by Bandai on April 23, 1993 for its proprietary Datach Joint ROM System for the Nintendo Family Computer in Japan.[2] The Datach accessory scanned barcodes from cards packaged with the game to select characters at the beginning of gameplay or to select commands at the beginning of each turn to use a special attack or item in battle.[3]

In 1997, Bandai Digital Entertainment developed and released a hybrid version in Japan for Pippin and Power Macintosh that did not use the Datach accessory.[1][4]

The Windows 95 version was released in Japan on June 5, 1998.[5][6][7]




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