SeesawC 2: My favorite places 400 (シーソーシー2 すきなところでえいたんご 400) is a CD-ROM-based edutainment title developed by Ai Ga Areba Daijobu for the Pippin Atmark console.[1]


SeesawC 2 uses games and videos about places to teach 400 vocabulary words.[2] Printing from the Pippin is supported through a limited number of Apple printers.[3]


Though four volumes of the SeesawC series had been announced in Bandai's Pippin Title CD-ROM Catalog,[4] only the first two appear to have been released for the Pippin platform.[1]

SeesawC 2 was published in Japan by Bandai as a hybrid disc for Pippin and Macintosh in 1996.[1] Separate applications provided support for Macs with 68K or PowerPC processors.[5] Windows versions were released in Japan by Synergy Works (シナジーワークス).[6][7]



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