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This article is about the game. For the multimedia format and plug-in, see Shockwave.

Shock Wave (ショックウェーブ, also known as Shockwave Assault) is a CD-ROM-based combat flight shooter video game for the Pippin Atmark console.[1]


Shock Wave was first developed for the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer by Electronic Arts' Advanced Technology Group and released in 1994.[2] This original release of Shock Wave was combined with its expansion Shock Wave: Operation JumpGate into a package called Shockwave Assault that was ported to other platforms.[3]

PA Shockwave Assault titlescreen

The title screen of the release for Pippin Atmark uses a different name than the packaging.

The Pippin port was simply titled Shock Wave on the packaging, but it was also identified as Shock Wave Invasion Earth: 2019 in the opening cutscene and Shockwave Assault: Invasion Earth on the title screen. The on-screen text remained in English while the dialog was dubbed in Japanese.[4] It was released in Japan by Bandai Digital Entertainment in 1996.[1]

Despite not being advertised as such with a sticker, the Pippin version was a hybrid disc that also supported Mac.[5] Due to its use of real-time 3D graphics, gameplay is smoother on a newer system, such as a Power Macintosh G3.[6]


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