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Pippin Developer SDK v1.1 and Pippin ROM Update CD-ROM

Pippin Software Development Kit (SDK) CD-ROMs were issued by Apple Computer to selected developers to facilitate creating titles for the Pippin platform. These included APIs and extensions that were based on the Macintosh operating system.[1]

SDK releases[]

  • Pippin SDK CD (developer release 0, APL-1, December 1995) - Some extensions had net yet been tested due to delays of Pippin Power Player prototypes to be seeded to developers.[2]
  • Pippin Developer SDK (version 1.0, February 1996) - Requires GM ROM or later.[3]
  • Pippin Developer SDK (version 1.1, April 1996)
  • Pippin SDK CD (developer release 1, APL-2, May 1996) - Includes Pippin OS ver 1.1, demo versions of PEASE and Maze that were authored with Party,[4][5] and presentations about the Pippin platform that were authored with Macromedia Director.[6]
  • Apple Developer CD Series (August 1996) - Tool Chest.[7]
  • Pippin ROM Update (with SDK 1.1 additions, September 1996)
  • Pippin SDK CD-ROM (November 13, 1996) - Includes Pippin 1.2 ROM Update, and AppleShare 3.5 for Pippin.[8]
  • Apple Developer CD Series (March 1997) - Reference Library.[7]



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See also[]

  • Game Sprockets, additional APIs to support graphics, sound, networking and game controllers.
  • Party, an application authoring system by Maki Enterprise included with SDK CD DR0

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