Apple StyleWriter 1200

A StyleWriter 1200, one of the few printers that supported the Pippin platform.

The StyleWriter is a line of ink-jet printers designs by Apple Computer for the consumer market, with print resolution comparable to their more expensive LaserWriter but at lower cost.

A limited number of StyleWriter models, all based on Canon's print engines, were among the few peripherals that were supported for printing from the Pippin platform.[1]

Supported modelsEdit

If a "Pippinized" CD-ROM allowed printing, support was limited to the included drivers, typically up to Color SW 1500 or Color SW 2500. However, the more recent drivers could also be used to print to their predecessor models from the same print engine manufacturer (Canon).[2][3]

  • Color SW 1500: supports StyleWriter I/II, 1200, and Color StyleWriter 1500.[2]
  • Color SW 2500: supports Color StyleWriter 2200, 2400, and 2500.[3]


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