TV Works (テレビワークス) is a productivity suite on CD-ROM which was bundled with Pippin Atmark consoles in Japan and Pippin @WORLD consoles in the United States.[1][2]


TV Works was created by Sonoran Blue.[3] The beta version was being developed for the Pippin Power Player prototype under the working title PipWorks (ピップワークス).[4] The user interface evolved during development and was simplified before it was released.[5]


The first version from Bandai Digital Entertainment was to be named PippinWorks 1.0.[6] However, it was retitled to TV Works: Paint Word Mail when it debuted in Japan as part of the Pippin Atmark special "Network set" (「ネットワークセット」) on March 28, 1996.[7] It included drivers for the Apple StyleWriter I/II, 1200, 2200, and 2400 printers.

Version 2.0 was introduced on June 15, 1996 with the lower-priced base "Pippin Atmark body set" (「ピピン@アットマーク」「本体セット」).[8] Version 2.1 updated the printer drivers with versions for the Color StyleWriter 1500 and 2500, which were backwards-compatible with preceding models.

TV Works (Pippin @WORLD)

TV Works (Pippin @WORLD)

Demonstration of English version (with commentary).

Subsequent updates featured POP mail support as Atmark Channel's IMAP mail servers were being shut down.[9] The final Japanese version was published directly by Bandai after its Bandai Digital Entertainment subsidiary had been dissolved.[10]



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  • ClarisWorks, an office suite that was promoted, but not released for Pippin.
  • EGWORD Pure, another word processing application for Pippin.
  • PEASE, another productivity suite, with shell, for Pippin.

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