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Tamagotchi CD-ROM (たまごっち) is a CD-ROM-based simulation game for the Pippin Atmark console.


Based on the breakout hit virtual pets,[1][2] Tamagotchi CD-ROM was developed by 7th Level Productions.[3] It was promoted by Bandai Digital Entertainment at Macworld Expo Tokyo '97 and the 1997 Tokyo Toy Show.[4][5]


Tamagotchi CD-ROM was released in Japan for Pippin and Macintosh by Bandai Digital Entertainment on August 8, 1997.[6] A floppy disk was included with the original Japanese version CD-ROM.[7] The Windows 95 version was released separately in Japan and the United States in August and September 1997, respectively.[3][8]

Software update[]

On December 9, 1997, Bandai Digital Entertainment released a free software update which was referred to as "oral medicine" (「内服薬」) to reduce the mortality rate of the digital pets, especially during sickness.[9]




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