Tunin'Glue is a CD-ROM-based music title for the Pippin Atmark console in which the player mixes and mashes various audio clips.[1]


Tunin'Glue was developed for Pippin and Macintosh by NanaOn-Sha. It was released only in Japan by Bandai Digital Entertainment on June 7, 1996.[1][2][3]


Tunin'Glue (Pippin)

Tunin'Glue (Pippin)

Gameplay demonstration

As a Pippin title, Tunin'Glue is a scarce collectible. However, it has the added distinction of being the very first title from Nana On-Sha, the developer that went on to achieve widespread recognition for its next title, PaRappa the Rapper for Playstation consoles. Producer Masaya Matsuura would begin a longtime collaboration with artist Rodney Greenblat, the designer of Dazzeloids, another Pippin title.[1][4]


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