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Whitworth's Planet Earth and its Amazing Natural Treasures (also known as Willy's Planet Jorden og dens fantastiske naturskatte) is an edutainment title that was published on CD-ROM.[1]

Release status[]

Willy's Planet Jorden was developed for Windows 3.1 and Macintosh, and was first published in Norway in 1995 as a hybrid CD-ROM by Katz Media.[2] After setting a Norwegian sales-record of 10,000 units in 1996,[1] it was released as Whitworth's Planet Earth in the United States by Cognigen. It was also localized for release in French, German, Swedish and Danish languages.[3]

However, it is uncertain whether Whitworth's Planet Earth had ever been released for the Pippin platform as Katz Media was seeking distribution partners at the time.[4]



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